In 2009 Ryan was a featured photographer on the hit MTV show, "My Super Sweet Sixteen"

Ohio native, Ryan K Lewis, has had a passion for fine photography and the arts for as long as he can remember. With over 15 years experience, Ryan has mastered both technical skill and artistic ability. His education includes work in film development, black and white photo production, color toning, and dodging and burning. With local, state and national recognition for his work, Ryan has established loyal clientele in several states and countries. His travels in photography include; Nantucket, San Francisco, New York City, Dubai, Australia, and Kuala Lumpur.

Ryan started his first independent photography business, Pet Paparazzi, in 2004. Word of his talent and ease of style quickly spread and his business expanded to the photography of families, couples, babies, children and high school seniors. In 2009 Ryan was the featured photographer on the hit MTV show, "My Super Sweet Sixteen"; providing an elaborate beach themed photo shoot on the coast of Tampa, Florida.

Ryan now specializes in the modern lifestyle portraiture of babies and children. He shoots exclusively in the digital format utilizing Nikon equipment. While he still maintains clientele in his hometown of Columbus, Ryan has settled back into Palm Beach, Florida.