How can I book a photo session with Ryan?
First contact us with the time and date of your request and after we check our booking calendar we will get back to you with our availability. At the time of booking, your session fee is due as a non-refundable retainer. Your session date is secured once payment is received. If you simply ask for a particular date without sending your session fee, that date is not yet secured and is still available to other clients.

What happens if I can t keep the original appointment I booked?
Because many appointments are scheduled weeks in advance, we ask you to be sure that your appointment fits into your schedule to avoid later rescheduling or forfeit of your retainer fee.

Will I lose my retainer fee?
Due to our limited schedule, session fees are non-refundable but may applied towards a rescheduled appointment when you give no less than 48-hours notice.

How much time do I have if I need to reschedule a session?
Rescheduled appointments must be booked to occur within 30 days of the original appointment.

When do I have to pay for my print or products?
When ordering prints or other products, your order total must be paid before your order will be placed.

Who should be at an ordering appointment?
Please be sure everyone who is involved in making the final decision in your portrait investment is present, as only one proofing appointment is available without incurring an additional fee.

How long does it take to get my prints or my photo products?
Please allow 2-3 weeks from the date your order was placed for the delivery of your final prints , some photo products including custom albums may take up to 4-6 weeks.

Do you photograph with film or digital?
We only work in the digital format. We find working in digital format allows us to have complete control throughout the image making process and end up with fantastic results.

How do you get the kids to sit still?
Super glue -- only kidding. Our goal is for our sessions to be easy breezy for everyone. That being said some of our favorite sessions are where we simply document what your child does best, just be themselves. If your boys love to play in mud then we will be right there with them. If your daughter loves to sell lemonade then we will document her journey from the grove to the stand. If you do want group photos we typically set the older children first then add the younger or more temperamental ones last. Lastly we shoot in small groups of time that allow for snack breaks and some playtime.

How should I prepare my family's session?
We have created session guides for many of the questions most clients have. The guides will be available after booking by visiting the "downloads" section of our website. The guides go over what to wear and how to prepare for your session.

What if I want props in my child's photos?
We love to be creative and love it when our clients are creative as well. Have any props, toys, blankets, or other special item you would like in your photos available and we will use them in a variety of ways. Please make sure to make this request when booking your session so that we may pack our equipment accordingly.

I am interested in your services but I live outside of your service area can you still come to me?
Simply submit an e-mail with your location. Our main service area is Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, Ryan is open to travel for your session, he is available anywhere you are able to secure 4 additional sessions. If you are unable to secure additional sessions in your area but are still interested in booking a session, an estimate for the cost of travel can be given.

Can you photograph large family groups?
Yes, we have done a few large groups. Be as detailed as you can when booking large group session so that we can plan ahead and pack additional equipment accordingly.

Do you do wedding photography?
If you are looking for an engagement session we are able to provide that service, pricing remains consistent with our standard price list. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer wedding coverage. In order for us to be the best at what we do we only focus on children and family portraiture.

How does online proofing work?
Online proofing can be accessed by clicking on the "Clients" button at the bottom left of the main page. Guests will be asked to provide their password to view the pictures in their private gallery.

What if my friends or family want to order prints?
All they have to do is contact us with your information and submit their order. Also, they can purchase prints online through the regular Clients area, just make sure they have your password to access your private gallery.

Do you alter the images?
Any images that you order WILL be post processed in the digital darkroom optimizing exposure, and color balance, however no RETOUCHING will be made unless requested. We do offer just about any type of image retouching you can imagine. Most common retouching consists of blemish or stray hair removal, eye brightening, teeth whitening, and removal of braces. We would like to remind you that there is an extra charge for any digital retouching or manipulation.

Can you donate to our charity?
Please feel free to e-mail us your request. We would LOVE to be able to help everyone! We do make a large amount of donations each year and are limited in number we can honor.

What payment types do you accept?
Acceptable methods of payment are cash and major credit cards (Visa Amex and Discover), sorry no checks.

What happens if I cannot pickup my print order?
We can ship your order to your home. Any shipping charges incurred are additional and not included in sitting, print or package fees.

Do any of your products come in a frame?
Framing is available, however prices listed are for unframed portraits. If you are interested in custom framing simply inquire at the conclusion of your session.

I placed an order before I recently moved, now what happens?
You are responsible to provide our studio with the correct contact information while your order is in progress.

A while ago I saw a product on your website that isn't there any more, where did it go?
Some props and backgrounds are seasonal or custom. Additionally all prices and services offered are subject to change without notice.

Will you accommodate a special request I have?
Any special photo request should be made at the time of the first consultation so sufficient time can be reserved.

What if I am displeased with the portraits or the prints?
We guarantee our work. If for some reason you do not like your photos, you will be offered a re-shoot of the photos, sorry no refunds.

Do I have to sign anything for my photo to be taken?
All clients will be required to sign a portrait agreement and a model release.

Why can't I just download my images from your website and print them at a local drug store or 1 hour photo shop?
All negatives, transparencies, or electronic files are retained by, and property of Ryan K Lewis Photography (Ryan K Lewis) and may be used in any legal form for any legal purpose. Any duplication of photographs without written permission is a violation of Federal copyright laws, and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.